Analog and Digital Mixers


ADAT, DAT, HD, Mini-Disc & CD-R


Power Amplifiers


Reel-to-Reel & Cassette Multitrack Recorders


Dynamics Processors


DAW Systems (NYC ProTools Specialists)


Speaker Reconing


Professional & Home Electronic Keyboards/Synthesizers and Samplers


Acoustic Processors


MIDI Controllers (all types)


Equalizers (inc. Digital)


Drum Machines & Sequencers


Electronic Crossovers


DJ Gear (inc. Pioneer CDJ, Serato, etc.)


Analog & Digital Delays, Reverbs & MultiEFX


Sound/Synth Modules


PA and Studio Speaker Systems


Electronic Drum Kits/Modules


Microphones (inc. wireless)


Guitar, Bass & Keyboard Amps


Cassette Decks, CD Players, & Turntables


Acoustic/Electric Guitars and Basses, Stomp Boxes and EFX Units

New York's Leading Specialists in the Restoration, Service and Maintenance of:

Speaker Reconing Done On-Premises -member of Professional Loudspeaker Reconers of America

In addition, dBm is THE major servicer of high-power amplifiers in the NY/Tri-State area, fully authorized by Crown, Crest, QSC and Carver, the four major manufacturers of power amplifiers used today by all major sound contractors. We provide quick turnover and high reliability due to our large parts stock and 24-hour burn-in testing.

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