New rates/policies effective May 4, 2018. All rates/policies are subject to change without prior notice. ***ALL invoices carry a $10.00 Administrative/Materials Surcharge***

Labor Rate: $125.00/hr (Carry-in/Ship-in Service ONLY)


***PLEASE NOTE: Warranty Status on your gear will be determined by the dBm Technical Staff. Proof-Of-Purchase within the warranty period is NOT a guarantee that your unit will be serviced under warranty. A warranty covers MANUFACTURER'S DEFECTS under NORMAL USE. ANY DEFECT OR DAMAGE THAT IS USER-INFLICTED IS NOT COVERED BY WARRANTY!***

*CUSTOMER SUPPLIED PARTS POLICY*- There will be a $50.00 surcharge added to your final bill for the use of customer-supplied parts for repairs or modifications. In addition, the 60-Day Warranty is forfeited, as well as no guarantee of proper operation with these parts installed. YOU PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

House Calls/On-Location Service- 150.00/hr.
-3hrs. minimum. Client incurs all travel expenses. Outside of Manhattan, clock starts and stops upon travel commencement and end of trip, respectively.

Estimates- 125.00 (1 hr. labor) (non-refundable and must be prepaid. Not applicable to On-Location Service. Estimates must be approved within 5 business days)
-Estimate Fee is included with service if work is performed by dBm. Estimates must be SPECIFICALLY requested, or work will be performed outright. WE RETAIN THE DEPOSIT FEE ON REFUSED ESTIMATES.

Bench Charge- 50.00 (minimum diagnostic fee)
A Bench Charge is applied if there is NO PROBLEM FOUND with your equipment. Not covered by dBm's OR manufacturers' warranty.

Flat Rate Services
-Flat Rates apply on these specific items: Speaker Reconing, Guitar Setups, Mics, Effect Pedals, Drum Trigger Pads, and Avid/Digidesign products. Please inquire when calling.

Guitar Setup: Guitar (6-str. Hardtail Electric or Acoustic)/4-string Bass- $95.00. Please inquire about all others.
-Standard setup consists of neck, bridge, pickup, and machine head adjustment, surface-polishing of frets, cleaning/treatment of fingerboard, lubrication of moving parts and string contact points, checking/cleaning of electronics, general maintenance, cleaning and polishing. Strings, parts, tremolos, and additional non-inclusive work e.g. fret leveling, etc. are extra.

Special Projects/Custom Work- Quote basis
-Projects such as studio design and wiring, custom cable harnesses, custom guitar work, etc. will all be quoted individually.

Accepted Payment Types


Under no circumstances do we accept Third-Party or Personal Checks!

Discounted Dealer/Commercial/Institutional Rates Available


Rush Service:
-because we KNOW how important it is to have it back YESTERDAY.

Our AVERAGE turnaround time is 2-3 Weeks (15-21 Business Days). This time frame may increase during busy periods. If you require GUARANTEED faster service, a Rush Fee, IN ADDITION to the existing labor and parts charges, will be charged. This includes In-warranty repairs, as manufacturers DO NOT cover Rush Fees. The Rush Fee must be PREPAID, upon delivery of your unit to dBm. Rush Fees DO NOT apply to Estimates. The charges for Rush service PER UNIT are as follows:

 LEVEL 1  Emergency Service*


 LEVEL 2  1 Week Service


***Emergency Service is either Same Day or Overnight turnaround, as requested, and is contingent upon parts and technical staff availability.

Rush Fees are calculated for BUSINESS DAYS ONLY, which does NOT include weekends or holidays. In addition, the unit must arrive before 12 noon in order for the arrival day to be figured into the Rush Service period. Any unit arriving AFTER 12 noon will commence on Rush Service basis the following day.

-All Rush services are contingent upon parts availability. dBm assumes no responsibility for the unavailability of parts and/or service documentation from manufacturers. In the event that you have paid a Rush charge, and the unit is not completed in the specified time frame, the charge will:

a) be downgraded to the next rush level, -OR-

b) receive credit towards the total repair if completion time exceeds 5 BUSINESS days (Level 2 Rush)

Storage Fees:
You MUST pick up your gear within 15 days after notification that it is completed. Any units left OVER 15 days will have STORAGE FEES added to the final bill, calculated at the rate of $10.00 PER DAY. Equipment that accrues storage fees will NOT be released unless storage and repair charges are paid in full. THESE STORAGE FEES ARE STRICTLY A DETERRENT, SINCE WE DO NOT WANT TO STORE YOUR EQUIPMENT! However, we will make exceptions for delayed pickup, provided we are notified ahead of the end of the 15-day period. At 30 days past customer notification, your gear will be considered abandoned, at which point a Certified Letter of Disposal will be sent to the customer. If we receive no response, the unit will be either sold or scrapped, depending on it's condition.

The dBm Guarantee:
-we stand behind our work!

dBm Pro Audio/Music Services guarantees all of its non-warranty repairs for a period of sixty (60) days from the date of pickup or delivery. If the unit fails with the SAME PROBLEM within this period, return the unit immediately and we will service it at no charge. If the unit requires ADDITIONAL PARTS to solve the ORIGINAL problem, you will be charged ONLY for the parts. ALL returns are subject to inspection and evaluation by dBm. If, upon inspection, it has been determined that the unit in question has been subsequently modified, abused, tampered with, or repaired by another service organization, the customer will be duly notified and an estimate for the additional incurred diagnostic and service charges will be issued. THIS WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER CUSTOMER SUPPLIED PARTS, AND IS VOID IF THESE PARTS ARE USED, BY CUSTOMER REQUEST!

A detailed copy of our Warranty Policies is on the back of your completed invoice.

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