Our Fearless Leader. dBm sprouted from the Tech department of his own recording studio in 1987. With a diverse, yet solid background in business ownership, studio management, and recording engineering (not to mention news reporting, photojournalism, and fingerpicking), Steve knows what it takes to make our customers AND his employees happy, and will usually bend over backwards to do so. He's also one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. He's Da Man!



Owner - General Manager


John aka "Dr. Wattz" is dBm's Technical Services Director, Operations Manager and Senior Tech-oid. John can and does handle any gear in the shop, but his main gig is the repair and restoration of Guitars, Analog Tape Machines, Analog Effects, Vintage Guitar Amps, Tube-based Outboard gear, Speaker Reconing and Vintage Keyboards. He is also the resident Database Programmer, Parts Manager, Webmeister, and whatever ELSE needs to get done. Seriously though, John likes to manage an organized shop, and can be seen (and heard!) doing whatever needs to be done to accomplish this. As a working musician, John thoroughly understands what our customers want to hear (and feel) from their equipment and what needs to be done to accomplish this. He can usually be seen waxing eloquently to customers (and our techs) about analog audio gear and vintage musical instruments, as well as assisting and/or directing a tech in need. John also services some of our highest-profile clientele. Amongst the artists he has serviced are: U2, Bon Jovi, Bob Dylan, The Who, Lenny Kravitz, Kings of Leon and Arcade Fire.



Technical/Ops Mgr - Senior Tech - Guitar Repair


A shining graduate of the Institute of Audio Research, Alberto originally spent his internship with us. Now, eight years later, Alberto has, quite literally, become a true Digital Audio master, whether he's working on Digital Audio Workstations, DAT's, ADAT's, or DA-88's (watching him completely disassemble and overhaul a transport is a sight to see!). He's crackerjack on mixers and power amps, too. He ALSO can service whatever we throw at him, so ya gotta love 'im! Natively-fluent in Spanish, he's our very own "Latino Connection", so that our many Hispanic clients may feel at ease when they call or walk through the door. Viva Alberto!!!



Digital Audio and Console Specialist


Russell was recommended to us by one of our Authorized manufacturers. It seems that he's made quite a name for himself as an independent technician and road-tech with many top touring acts, including Rod Stewart. Getting a bit road-weary, Russ has joined us here at dBm, and boy, are we happy! Russ is one of those techs who can service whatever you throw at him. He is an expert on anything that pumps power into a speaker, including some REALLY hip guitar amp mods. Russ is also a working musician (guitarist extraordinaire), so he's able to approach everything from a musical, as well as a technical perspective. Go, Russ!


Pro Audio/E.M.I. Technician


dBm welcomes back the infamous Lyndel Williams. If there is a piece of gear we've never seen before, or we can no longer obtain parts for, then it's a job for Lyndel, because, somehow, he will get it done. Our very own miracle worker, and we are glad he has returned. You should be too!

Lyndel Williams

Audio/DJ/MI Technician


Linda is BACK!!! After 15 years, our original "Queen Of Customer Service" has returned to her hometown of New York AND to dBm. Linda is a total professional, and knows our business inside and out. We are thrilled to have her again. WELCOME BACK LINDA!!!

Linda McDonnell

Front Desk, Office Mgr.


With our ever-growing business, we needed "high-command" up front. Enter "Electra". The brainchild of NEC Communications, she has the ability to handle 48 phone lines at once! Though her looks are rather unconventional, she fits right in, and ALWAYS makes sure that the phone gets answered in the proper manner. We're just wondering, though, why doesn't she ever place a Friday lunch order?




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